All You Need to Know About Scaling and Root Planing—The Treatment for Gum Disease

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Gum disease is a serious and dangerous dental issue you need to keep an eye out for. In fact, if you experience swollen, bleeding, or receding gums or constant bad breath, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. One common treatment for gum disease is scaling and root planing. To help you know more about scaling and root planing in Harvey, Louisiana, our Barré Dental Care dental team is happy to provide the following information:

The reasons for treatment

This treatment is extremely necessary because it deeply cleans your smile and eliminates the substances that attack your oral health each day. Gum disease is a dangerous condition that irritates the gums, deteriorates the underlying bones, and results in tooth loss. When the disease first takes hold of your smile, it irritates the gums, making them pull away from the teeth to create pockets. In these pockets, plaque, tartar, and bacteria begin to harbor there. If these pockets are not cleaned on a regular basis, you will lose your beautiful and charming smile.

The process of scaling and root planing

The process of scaling and root planing begins with the scaling portion. First, your dentist will deeply clean above and below the gumline, removing the plaque and tartar that reside there. This will keep the gum disease from progressing. Your dentist will then conclude the appointment with the root planing section. This part involves your dentist smoothing out the tooth roots so the gums will reattach themselves. While he is cleaning and smoothing, he will insert medication into the gums to promote healing.

Aftercare tips

After care is very important. After the treatment, you might experience some pain and tenderness as well as swollen or bleeding gums. To help you prevent infection and to help you relieve pain and discomfort, your dentist might prescribe a medication or oral rinse to you.

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