How Can I Keep My Baby’s Smile Healthy and Strong?

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If you want to keep your baby’s little chompers in the best condition possible, then our Barré Dental Care dental team has some helpful tips and information for you! In order to take good care of your baby’s smile and oral health once their little teeth grow into place, we encourage you to do the following things:

Use fluoride: Fluoride helps nourish and strengthen your baby’s little teeth. This helps prevent tooth decay and other dental issues. So, make sure you give your child water from the tap on occasion. This can mean feeding your child formula mixed with water or giving them a little bit of water in a sippy cup or bottle. Just remember, too much water can sometimes be dangerous for babies. So, make sure you talk to your pediatrician about the proper amount of water to give your baby.

Clean their smile: Use a little baby’s toothbrush and clean your baby’s little teeth twice a day. You don’t need toothpaste quite yet—just use water. The toothbrush should have soft bristles, a small head, and a long handle. To find out when to introduce toothpaste, call Dr. Barton Barré and our dental team.

Be careful with bottle feedings: Baby bottle tooth decay is a real and prevalent issue in the world today. It occurs when you give your child sugary drinks in their bottle. So, to prevent this dental issue, it’s best to only put breastmilk, formula, and water in your baby’s bottle. Also, try to avoid sending your child to bed with a bottle.

Doing these things will help your baby grow into the strong and healthy smile they deserve. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about how to take care of your baby’s smile in Harvey, Louisiana, please remember that you can always call Dr. Barton Barré and our dental team at 504-367-0355. We look forward to helping you!