When it comes to your personal oral health, you make all the important decisions. To help our patients improve and maintain their oral health, our dentist and team are pleased to offer patient education in Harvey, Louisiana. At every appointment, we will supply you with all the information you need regarding oral care and treatment options to help you can feel confident in your dental habits.

Dr. Barton Barré teaches part time at the LSU Dental School and has accumulated a lot of experience in the role of an instructor. During appointments, he makes time to sit down with you and your family to listen to your questions and thoroughly explain the best options to optimize your oral health. You will never feel rushed during an appointment with Dr. Barton Barré or our team. Your opinions and viewpoints matter, and we want you to feel valued in our care, which is why we work with you on a level that makes you feel comfortable.

If you have any questions regarding your oral health, dental care, or our services, please feel free to contact Barré Dental Care today. Our highest priority is your wellbeing, and we make that apparent from the very first phone call.