Should You See Your Dentist in Between Routine Cleanings?

Those six-month dental visits with your dentist and dental team are vital to helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Because your mouth is home to millions of oral bacteria which cause dental plaque, daily care and attention are necessary. Just like showering and bathing every day is important to your health, your teeth and… Read more »

What Can Be the Cause of My Gum Pain?

If you’re suffering gum pain, you’re probably wondering why. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause gum pain—some are big and some are small. Oftentimes, the small cause can be something stuck in your gums or between your teeth. The big causes can be something along the lines of: -Gingivitis: This is the… Read more »

Why Choose Lumineers®?

Here at , Dr. is trained in the process of fitting you with dental veneers. And not just any veneers – Lumineers®. If you are considering getting dental veneers, Lumineers are your absolute best option. Here’s why: Traditional veneers require shaving off much of your natural tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. This… Read more »

Dentures 101

When most people hear the word “dentures” they think of older people. However, many younger adults in the United States have one or more missing teeth or teeth that need to be replaced. While many people are great candidates for dental implants, they aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t have the healthy gums or enough… Read more »

You Should Only Brush Your Teeth with a Whitening Toothpaste That Has Earned the ADA’s Approval

The American Dental Association was founded to help consumers maintain good oral health throughout the course of their lives. This includes a series of recommendations and guidelines associated with your daily oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist, and using high-quality oral hygiene products. Some people are interested in using a whitening toothpaste to help… Read more »

Antiseptic Mouthwash Can Help Kill Bacteria

Your mouth plays host to a plethora of natural bacteria. When you eat food, sweets, or consume sugary beverages the residual material in your mouth can promote bacterial growth. This can increase plaque acids and allow hardened tartar to develop at the gumline. The poor oral hygiene condition in your mouth will gradually start to… Read more »

Different Materials Might Be Used for a Dental Filling

Dental fillings are typically used to treat a tooth suffering from a small cavity, minor dental fracture, chipped tooth enamel or dental attrition. The treatment process often calls for removing some of the tooth enamel in the area to create a clean surface to bond the dental filling. The specific material your dentist uses for… Read more »

Rescue a Tooth with Root Canal Treatments

Accidents happen that can damage your teeth. If you have had oral hygiene issues, the roots of your teeth may suffer. When the pulp of your tooth is damaged, your dentist can use a root canal to save your tooth. For more information about root canals, see below: – Root canals are used to remove… Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Keep Cavities at Bay

If you take a good look at your teeth, you will notice that your back teeth obviously look very different from your front teeth. That’s because your back teeth are designed for chewing; and they have nooks, crannies, grooves and ridges that help them do their job. But at the same time, those spots can… Read more »

A Temporary Crown Is Needed to Protect a Tooth During Dental Restoration Construction

Dental restorations that call for treating a tooth with a dental crown or dental bridge often require two separate appointments. The first appointment calls for Dr. to remove the tooth enamel layer from the tooth to allow room for the restoration. In the case of a dental bridge, our dentist will need to remove the… Read more »