Rescue a Tooth with Root Canal Treatments

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Accidents happen that can damage your teeth. If you have had oral hygiene issues, the roots of your teeth may suffer. When the pulp of your tooth is damaged, your dentist can use a root canal to save your tooth.
For more information about root canals, see below:

– Root canals are used to remove damaged pulp from teeth.
– Having too many procedures to a single tooth can be risky for your oral health.
– Although the pulp is the life source of a tooth, it may be possible to increase the life of a tooth if compromised pulp is removed with root canal therapy.
– With some dentistry procedures, including various cosmetic dentistry treatments, tiny amounts of tooth enamel may have to be removed for the service to be applied, but if too much enamel is lost over time, it can expose the pulp to damage, which may require a root canal.

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