When you come to Barré Dental Care to receive a straighter smile, we do our very best to ensure you achieve the results you desire. Our dentist, Dr. Barton Barré, will sit down with you in our comfortable office and walk you through a thorough orthodontic assessment to better understand your dental needs. This assessment will include an evaluation of your tooth alignment, bite, and any other factors that could contribute to your less-than-straight smile.

Following the evaluation, Dr. Barton Barré will explain the various orthodontic treatments we offer and recommend the ones that best fit your specific needs. These treatments will take into account the condition and structure of your mouth and jaw, your age, and any medical conditions you may have. If Dr. Barton Barré recommends an orthodontic appliance, he will ensure that you have all the information you require to care for this appliance so that it can yield optimal results.

Misalignment in the mouth and jaw can occur at any age, resulting in the need for orthodontics, which is why we offer procedures that appeal to all ages. There is no need to assume you are too old to achieve the smile you want. To learn more about your options, we encourage you to visit our office and receive an orthodontic assessment in Harvey, Louisiana.