Should You See Your Dentist in Between Routine Cleanings?

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Those six-month dental visits with your dentist and dental team are vital to helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Because your mouth is home to millions of oral bacteria which cause dental plaque, daily care and attention are necessary. Just like showering and bathing every day is important to your health, your teeth and gums depend on daily cleaning too.

When plaque hardens, however, it needs to be removed by your dentist using specific tools to remove. Tartar collects on the gumline and can lead to gum disease if it is there long enough. This is the reason why getting routine dental cleanings is so important. It doesn’t take long for oral bacteria to tooth decay and gum disease on board.

But sometimes issue can arise in between visits, and you don’t want to wait for treatment. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might need to call our dental team to help you with your smile.

· Gums that are hurting, bleeding, or puffy.
· Mouth, face, or neck swelling or pain.
· If you just won’t smile because of problem areas in the mouth, for example, missing teeth or unsightly stains on your teeth.
· Large gaps between teeth or unappealing stains on your teeth, making smiling uncomfortable for you.
· Loose dentures or dental fillings, problems with a dental implant or dental crown.
· A long-term medical issue. This might be diabetes, HIV, an eating disorder, or heart disease.
· Pregnancy, which can make you vulnerable to oral conditions like gum disease.
· Trouble chewing or swallowing food.
· Chronic thirst or dry mouth.
· Regularly using tobacco can cause problems.
· Chronic jaw pain whenever you wake up in the morning, chew, or open or close your mouth.
· Mouth sores that linger longer than two weeks.

The best thing you can do to protect your smile from disease is to brush and floss daily and maintain six-month dental cleanings in Harvey, Louisiana. If you need to speak with a member of our team, please call 504-367-0355. Dr. Barton Barré and our Barré Dental Care team are always ready to help.