Three Steps to a Healthy Dental Implant

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Dental implants are designed to be a permanent part of your smile, but they still require proper care just as your natural teeth do to remain healthy and free of dental issues. If you have questions about how to maintain your dental implants, we invite you to review these quick hygiene tips:

– Brush your teeth: Using toothpaste that contains fluoride and a soft-bristled toothbrush for two minutes twice a day, brushing in gentle and circular motions so that your gums aren’t damaged. Brush the implant as if it is a natural tooth.
– Floss every tooth: Choose a floss product that you find easy to use and make a habit of flossing your teeth every day to remove food particles from every area of your smile. If you are flossing with dental string, use a fresh section for each tooth.
– Visiting the dentist: Every six months, visit the dentist to receive a dental cleaning and exam, during which time your dental team can screen for tooth decay and gum disease and determine your implant is in good health.

By making a habit of brushing and flossing every day and visiting the dentist for dental checkups, you can keep your dental implant and your natural teeth in good health for as long as a lifetime.To learn more about dental implant care in Harvey, Louisiana, schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Barton Barré, by contacting Barré Dental Care at 504-367-0355 today.