Understanding Your Tooth Replacement Options

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If for any reason you are missing any teeth, you will need to rely on an effective tooth replacement to repair your smile and prevent further damage. Through the use of tooth prostheses, such as dentures, dental bridges and dental implants, you can make sure that any missing teeth are replaced, and that you avoid issues and hindrances associated with missing teeth.

If you’re looking for a temporary prosthetic that can be easily removed and cleaned every single day, consider dentures. Dentures come in a few different forms. Partial dentures are crafted to replace only a few teeth down or a single tooth; complete dentures, on the other hand, can replace an entire row of teeth. Dentures are custom-designed to provide maximum comfort and realistic results. Plus, our dentist can replace your dentures should any issues arise.

If you’re looking for a permanent tooth replacement, dental implants are an excellent choice. They can be crafted to fit in your mouth as needed and are directly installed into your jawbone. Over time, the hold between your jawbone and the implant will strengthen, allowing the tooth to maintain a stronger hold than even natural teeth are used to. Dental implants can last for several decades with proper care, and some individuals have reported that their implants have lasted for an entire life. The installation of dental implants, however, does require a strong jawbone. If your jawbone is not strong enough to hold a dental implant, you may need a bone graft.

An alternative treatment to dental implants is dental bridges. If you need a dental bridge, our dentist can easily insert it into your mouth, even if you have a weak jawbone. The reason that bridges are a good alternative to dental implants is that they are anchored to the neighboring teeth instead of being placed directly into the jawbone. Once your dental bridge is in place, it can provide secure, long-lasting support and restorations for decades to come. Dental bridges, like dental implants, are designed in a way that you will have little to no food restrictions once your treatment is complete.

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