Using Dental Whitening Strips Can Be an Effective Method for Maintaining a White Smile

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A scintillatingly white smile can bolster your self-confidence in social settings. Unfortunately, most stains in tooth enamel are too deep for consumer-grade whitening products to resolve. If your teeth have been dulled by dark beverages, foods, or tobacco use, you should contact Barré Dental Care and schedule a dental bleaching treatment. This is the most effective method to safely whiten your teeth.

After the dental bleaching treatment, you can maintain your white smile by periodically using whitening strips. The topical hydrogen peroxide used on these clear, plastic strips are strong enough to remove minor surface stains before they have the chance to penetrate into the tooth enamel.

Using whitening strips is a convenient way to whiten your smile while you go about your day. While you’re wearing them, the casual observer can’t even notice they’re in your mouth. While they’re in your mouth, you should not eat, drink, chew gum or use tobacco products.

Before using a particular brand of whitening strips, you should look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This logo printed on the packaging signifies that the product and its active ingredients have been researched and tested to meet rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

If you want to find the safest, most effective way to whiten your smile in Harvey, Louisiana, you should call 504-367-0355 to schedule an appointment at Barré Dental Care.